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facility, set up - a making or place that offers a particular services or is used for a certain industry; "the assembly plant is a massive facility"

6. Video games a. A move in chess that immediately attacks an opponent's king but doesn't constitute a checkmate.

source - anything (anyone or animal or plant or material) during which an infectious agent Usually lives and multiplies; "an infectious agent will depend on a reservoir for its survival"

يَدْفَعُ ويُغادِرُ الفُنْدُقيُغادِرُ الفُنْدُقيَفْحَصُ، يُدَقِّقُ في

to investigate to determine if (someone or some thing) is trustworthy, genuine, legitimate and so forth. Have you been checking up on me? ondersoek يَفْحَصُ، يُدَقِّقُ، يُحَقِّقُ في الأمْر проверявам investigar prověřit, přezkoumat nachprüfen undersøge; få oplysninger om κάνω έρευνες (για) confirmar usaldatavust kontrollima کیفیت یا شخصیت کسی را بررسی کردن tarkistaa henkilön taustat se renseigner sur בְּדִיקָה רְפוּאִית परीक्षण kontrola, provjera ellenőriz,„átvilágít” menyelidiki fylgjast með; rannsaka fare indagini su 調べる 진위를 확인하다 ištirti kieno patikimumą pārbaudīt; izdarīt aptauju menyiasat iemands achtergrond nagaan undersøke, kontrolleresprawdzać د يو څا كيفيت يا شخصيت كتل investigar a verifica проверять preveriť (si) preveriti proveriti undersöka, kolla upp ตรวจสอบความน่าเชื่อถือ sorup soruşturmak, iyice bir araştırmak 調查 провести розслідування, перевірити تحقیق کرنا ، آزمائش کرنا điều tra 检查

Also, on 1GB units (tested on three products) the application doesn't remain in memory and stops tracking route, even if removed from Nougat's Battery optimization. Even a modify in meant progress route by the new entrepreneurs of app can't demonstrate or excuse this mess. HereWeWent!

Kind of work from home Employment: You may find all kinds of portion time authentic work from home Work opportunities and homeworking Careers that you are able to do from your home Computer system. We have some great work from home Thoughts which include compensated surveys, freelancer Positions, on the web tutoring, website screening, content composing, blogging, transcription, translation, item testing and internet research Careers, that may all be performed from your home Personal computer around the internet.

• The fees quoted are according to your duration of continue to be. Premiums are subject matter to change because of improvements in your arrival and/or departure dates.

a. The act or an instance of inspecting or tests a thing, as for precision or good quality: gave the paper a closing check.

a medical evaluation to discover the point out of a person's wellbeing. my annual check-up. roetine-ondersoek فَحْص طِبّي عام преглед exame médico prohlídka (zdravotní) die Untersuchung undersøgelse γενική ιατρική εξέταση, τσεκάπchequeo, revisión médica arstlik läbivaatus بازبینی پزشکی lääkärintarkastus bilan de santé בְּדִיקָה רְפואִית जांच, सामान्य मेडिकल परीक्षण provjera, kontrola kivizsgálás pemeriksaan kesehatan læknisskoðun check-up, controllo generale 健康診断 건강진단 sveikatos patikrinimas (veselības) pārbaude pemeriksaan kesihatan onderzoek legekontroll/-undersøkelse kontrola, badanie lekarskie د پزشکی کنترول exame médico диспансеризация lekárska prehliadka pregled lekarski pregled hälsokontroll การตรวจร่างกาย genel sağlık kontrolu, çekap 健康檢查 медичний огляд طبی معائنہ cuộc kiểm tra sức khỏe 体格检查

Note: You can save maps on your unit or an SD card. Should you change the way you preserve maps, you’ll have to obtain the map once again.

update preset my trouble. I had been unable to find any destinations in any way. everything is back again to regular. thanks! Edit: stylish tansit info and wonder graphics With all the new update! Full Review Deekshith Jain July 2, 2017

I have already downloaded Belgium, netherlands, germany, austria however the application isn't going to find any routing from belgium to Passau in germany. It claims that i schould go browsing. Is there some thing Erroneous? I used this app more than 3 timed with no challenge for much destinations.

A small home office won't need much Place, nevertheless it does require a great deal check that of creative imagination. Showcasing guides over a vertical shelf next to a chic desk when Publications decoratively dangle on a picket ladder makes a fantastic home Workplace.

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